Established in 2009, Zoltar Speaks are well known for their high energy shows, big vocals, big sound and big attitude! By mixing melodic rock, with heavy, technical elements, creates a style that defines this band from the southwest of England.


2012 was a bit of a mental year for us, we finished writing our debut full length album, began recording our album, lost our bassist, gained a phenominal bassist, continued to record our album, recorded our first video for our single and now here we are in 2013! We would like to apologise to the ZS fans who are still waiting for the album to be released… It’s been a super stressful year with all the holdbacks we’ve had and we never realised how much we wanted to create something so huge until we began it. We could have just gone into the studio for a week and recorded something that would just do, but you guys deserve so much more than that. We’ve been working so hard on something that we are so proud of and most importantly that you guys will love. We are still working hard to make sure we get this album out for you! So what’s next we hear you cry?! Our single will be out with the video in the coming weeks. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Last Man Standing, check it >>here<< – And then the album will follow a couple of months after. You can preorder our album, Save As I Save, >>here<<

So that’s it for now! We thank and love all of you so much for your continued support!

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